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Trends of 2018

Sydney SneltenComment
Trends of 2018

Happy 2018! One of the best parts about the new year is the new trends. I'm not really sure who gets to pick what the trends are for the year, wish it was me, but it's not. I just adopt them and incorporate them. In my previous post, I talked a little bit about what fashion means to me. Its more than just the trends, it's more than just the designers, it's more than just the stores. New trends means a new way to express yourself. It's like when an artist gets a new color to paint with.  Yes, fashion is art my people. 

In today's blog post, I have partnered up with My Sister's Closet, the cutest local boutique in Utah.  I am going to talk a little bit about the top trends for 2018 according to Harper's Bazaar and will be showing you one of my favorite ways to style one of the top trends, trench coats. 

According to an article published in December from Harper Bazaar, a few of the top trends for 2018 include:

1. Plaid

2. 60's Floral

3. Purple, more specifically lavender, but I love Pantone's color of the year. 

4. Fringe

5. Fannypacks 

6. Dark denim

7. Trenches 

A few of the trends we're giving the boot to are chokers, off the shoulder tops and any skateboard brand merchandise (not fashion, merely a form of free advertising). I am gonna focus primarily on how to style a trench coat in today's post. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to trench coats from the color, how lightweight or heavy it is, the length, buttons or ties, etc. I have a few styled trench coats, but I really love the lightweight ones because it's just a simple layering piece that you don't have to commit to. I go for the more heavy trench coats if I am going to be spending time outside in the cold. The one I am wearing is lightweight, but think enough to do the job and it is SO fun to style. Forget the classic cardi, in 2018 we wear trench coats. 

I styled it with a few of my other favorite trends and some staple pieces. I went with a black trench coat so I can wear it with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. This striped, mock neck top with bell sleeves from My Sister's Closet is the perfect mix of trendy and classic. With the classic stripes and trendy sleeves and neck line, there is no better combo. I'm also a stripes girl. Something about stripes, I'm always drawn to it when shopping. I also included the cutest Kate Spade shopper I got for Christmas and I finally caved in and bought some fur lined mules, obsessed. 

This is such a fun look that incorporates just the right amount of trendy and classic pieces that will keep you in style all year long. Check out the outfit details below and links to all the items!

Special thanks to My Sister's Closet for sponsoring this post. 

Black Trench//  Shein

Black Trench// Shein

Striped Top//  My Sister's Closet

Striped Top// My Sister's Closet

Fur Lined Loafers//  Target

Fur Lined Loafers// Target


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