Tips for "Pheeling" Healthy

Tips for "Pheeling" Healthy

I have partnered up with Pheel, a women's sport clothes, yoga, workout and fitness sportswear company. I will be the first to admit, often times my fitness and health take last priority in my day and list of things to do. Unfortunately, many days I don't have time for a full workout between working, school, homework, relationships and sleeping. Over the past few months of summer, I have been trying to make my health a bigger factor in my day. I have focused on my body and what it is telling me. Although I have a busy schedule, I have found time to fit in 30 minute HIIT workouts that I have found on Youtube and that I can do in the comfort of my own home. I am not big on the gym, mostly because I have a hard time coming up with things to do on my own. 

Recently, I came across Ideal Fit a company that makes protein, offers meal plans and workouts to supplement and I have loved it. I have a really fast metabolism, so I find I can eat like crap and nothing happens to my body besides a nice big belly ache. However, I have an irrational fear of it all catching up to me one day so I have made it a goal of mine to focus on my health.

Check out a few of my personal tips and my super cute workout outfit from Pheel because working out seems a little easier when you have a cute new outfit am i right? I'm not ashamed to admit it might be one of my biggest fitness motivators. 

1. Understand and get to know your body.

This is probably one of the biggest factors when it comes to health and fitness. Know your limits and what your body is telling you. Understand how your body processes certain foods and what workouts and plans work for you body. What works for someone else, might not work for you. It is the process of being in tune with your body that leads to results.

2. Find an eating schedule and meal plan that works for you.

Like I said, not everything works for everyone. For me, eating clean and incorporating lean meats and greens helps me feel and look my best. I know that my body needs a big breakfast and small snacks and a smaller lunch and dinner throughout the day and I know that it doesn't end well if I eat after 9 pm. Find what works for your body.

3. Eating clean is key. 

This past weekend, I watched "What the Health" on Netflix. It really opened my eyes to the dangers of certain processed foods, GMOS and what excessive meat does to your body. It is important to be educated, but after watching that documentary I feel like ignorance is bliss in some cases. It is all about eating clean. Incorporate as much lean protein, vegetables and whole grains and pick and choose what processed foods you include in your diet. However, we can't live in fear. We're all going to die one day, so you might as well enjoy a big fat burger every now and again.

4. Get in at least 30-60 minutes of cardio a day if possible. 

My schedule is crazy and I already find it hard to juggle all my responsibilities and I'm not even married nor do I have a child. Due to my busy schedule, I don't have a gym membership because I  just can't find the time to make going worthwhile. Instead, I make it to hot yoga classes every once and awhile, go on a few runs here and there and mostly workout at home with the treadmill, weights and a mat along with videos guiding me through my workout. As of now, this is what works for me. As long as I find time for 30-60 minutes of a high intensity workout in my day, I call that a win. 

5. Be comfortable and confident with your body. 

Last, but certainly the most important,  find love for your body. Body positivity is key. Of course, we all want to look our best, feel our best and be our healthiest best but a little fat roll never killed anybody. No, I don't have a six pack or the buffest legs on the planet, but I love my body for what it is and that's the most important step to feeling healthy. 


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Weave Bra Platinum//  Pheel

Weave Bra Platinum// Pheel

Yankees Baseball Hat//  ASOS

Yankees Baseball Hat// ASOS

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50/50 Pant Black/ Platinum Yoga Pants//  Pheel

50/50 Pant Black/ Platinum Yoga Pants// Pheel

Rose Gold Nikes//  Nordstrom

Rose Gold Nikes// Nordstrom

Breathe Tank Black//  Pheel   Special thanks to  Pheel  for sponsoring this post!  XO  Sydney Lauren 

Breathe Tank Black// Pheel

Special thanks to Pheel for sponsoring this post!


Sydney Lauren