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My Little Corner of the Internet

Sydney SneltenComment
My Little Corner of the Internet

Happy Sunday everyone! Sundays are actually my favorite day of the week because I get to reflect on the past week I have had, hang out with my family and just recharge for the week ahead. I like to make goals and lists on Sundays for what I have planed for the 6 days ahead of me. This Sunday has been especially cozy because we finally have snow here in Utah. I live in a state where our license plates say "Greatest Snow on Earth". It's January 21st and we just barely got our winter snow. It's been snowing non stop all weekend and I can't decide how I feel about it. I was about to buy spring clothes, but it's time to pull out the snow boots. 

Today's post is special because I get to feature another girl boss named Madison Martellaro. She recently opened her own clothing boutique and we all know how much I applaud girls for following their dreams. I will be sharing some of my favorite looks from her boutique, but I also wanted to talk a little bit about Instagram and this thing called social media so hold on. I'm about to get on my soap box. 

As many of you may know, I absolutely live and breathe social media. Not only am I studying public relations, which utilizes social media more often than not, but I have also spent the past couple of years working as a social media for a few companies. It's safe to say I spend a good chunk of my day scrolling through feeds, Instagram more specifically. To some, that may seem a little excessive, but I'm gonna shed some light on the situation. 

The reason I like social media so much is because it has allowed me to have a platform and a voice. It has allowed me to connect with people I never would have before. It has allowed me to create communities and engage with so many inspiring and really cool people who are also following their dreams. It is more to me than just sharing what I'm eating, what I'm wearing or what I'm doing on the weekends. It has become a creative outlet. It has become a portfolio of my work (especially important for  PR major interested in making social media a career), but it's not always real. 

Believe it or not, but there is so much time that goes into planning my posts from the location, to my poses to what I am going to wear. To some, that may seem like a waste of time or superficial or even fake, but it's so much more for me. Creating my own personal brand through social media has given me so many opportunities I might never would have had if I didn't put myself out there and create a little space on the internet for MYSELF. 

Behind the scenes, it''s not always so glamourous. What we seem to forget as humans is that life doesn't really look like our Instagram feeds. We go through hard times, we struggle, we cry, but we also go through some of the best times of our lives and that is not always translated on social media. Social media might not know that I struggle with anxiety or that I haven't had a job for the past month or even that I don't always have my crap together.

 I guess the purpose of this post is to appreciate what social media can do like help us start a business, help us get a job or even help us get a boyfriend, but that it can also be a really negative thing for others. It can help us, but it can also really hinder us in our day to day lives. We get caught up in this comparison game over who gets more likes, who is having more fun or who has prettier hair. It's important to remember that Instagram is a highlight reel and for me, it's a creative outlet to represent my work and my brand and it's not always my "real life". 

I have made it a goal to utilize social media as a tool for dream following, community building and advice sharing. I love being able to connect with others, share ideas and be inspired by who I follow. It's not about the likes or the comments or this comparison game our brains want to play.

Keep that in mind the next time you're checking in to see the next destination your favorite blogger just landed in or the new Chanel bag they just left with. Everyone is different and everyone utilizes social media in a different way. If it weren't for Instagram, you might not have ever come across my platform or Fleur Fashion Boutique and I love being the one to introduce others to new things that might inspire them as well. 

If you've made it through this soap box episode on my love/ hate relationship for Instagram, you deserve a cookie and I wish I could give all my followers one honestly. I am surrounded my a small, but intimate and inspiring community and I am so glad you are here and your engagement and support means everything!

Be sure to check out Fleur Fashion Boutique's little corner of the internet. Her platform is working to inspire women and make them feel confident and beautiful and I am ALL about that. Check out how I styled some of my favorite pieces from Madison's shop:

Faux Fur Bomber Jacket//  Forever 21  (on sale now for 40% off)

Faux Fur Bomber Jacket// Forever 21 (on sale now for 40% off)

Leopard Print Pants//  Forever 21  (also 40% off right now)

Leopard Print Pants// Forever 21 (also 40% off right now)

Western Buckle Booties//  ASOS -- Sunglass//  Sunglass Up

Western Buckle Booties// ASOS-- Sunglass// Sunglass Up

Black Mesh Bodysuit//  Fleur Fashion Boutique- - Faux Fur Vest//  Fleur Fashion Boutique

Black Mesh Bodysuit// Fleur Fashion Boutique-- Faux Fur Vest// Fleur Fashion Boutique

Olive Sweater Dress//  Fleur Fashion Boutique

Olive Sweater Dress// Fleur Fashion Boutique

OTK Boots//  Dolce Vita

OTK Boots// Dolce Vita

Baker Boy Hat//  Shein

Baker Boy Hat// Shein

Special thanks to Fleur Fashion Boutique for sponsoring this post. Use my code SYDNEY15 for 15% off your order!


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