The Importance of Style: How Dressing For Success Leads To Success

The Importance of Style: How Dressing For Success Leads To Success

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am getting so excited because I am just 8 days out from heading to Boston with 15 other UVU students to attend the PRSSA National Conference. If you don't know by now, (you clearly don't read my stuff), but I am majoring in public relations. If you don't know what public relations is, it is a communication skill that just about any company, business or organization needs. As a PR professional, you are the face of the company.

You act as a liaison between the media while managing things like media relations, crisis communication, marketing and even social media. I'm obviously a huge nerd, with a HUGE passion for what I do. Anyways, I was selected to attend this conference to represent UVU and it's one of the most exciting things I've done thus far!

It is five days of conference meeting with professionals, taking career tours, hearing speakers and absorbing all there is to know about the PR world. It's safe to say I am STOKED, but still a little stressed about how I am going to pack all the outfits I want to take in just one suit case. Yes, call me extra. I pack 25 outfits to be safe. Whoops.

Since I am getting ready to go and preparing my outfits for the conference (business professional can be fashionable too), I decided to dedicate this blog post to the topic of dressing for success.

To me, clothing is a form of self expression and a huge chunk of my pay check. Perks of not having to pay rent! To some, this might seem superficial and vapid, but to me it has always been something I see as a creative outlet, a way to brand myself and a way to tell my story, to make others remember me. What I wear is a direct representation of how I feel that day,  what my mood is or what inspiration I took from that day. How I dress represents who I am. 

It is more than who designed my shoes or where I got my jeans from, once I found out how to express my style through my clothing, I became more confident and I delivered more in my work. Things became easier for me in my daily life because I felt good. I felt free. A good sense of style lets you say great things about yourself before you even open your mouth. You have a much better chance of making a positive first impression by how you choose to present yourself.

You will get attention easily and you feel more confident and that translates to giving you an opportunity to enhance what yo mama gave you. I am so excited to be collaborating with That's Perfectly Perfect to showcase this magical, purple dress! 

This dress is perfect for your 9-5, your date night or just a fun, fall dress. I added a cheetah print moto jacket because cheetah is a neutral in my book and these fun western inspired buckle heels for a look that says "I'm a profesh without having to compromise my personal style." Check out the outfit details below:

Leopard Print Moto Jacket// Marshall's--  similar here

Leopard Print Moto Jacket// Marshall's-- similar here



Floppy Hat//  Target

Floppy Hat// Target

Jordan Midi Dress//  Thats Perfectly Perfect ( sold out)-- similar here

Jordan Midi Dress// Thats Perfectly Perfect (sold out)-- similar here

Western Buckle Booties//  ASOS

Western Buckle Booties// ASOS

Special thanks to  That's Perfectly Perfect  for sponsoring this post!  xo,  Sydney Lauren

Special thanks to That's Perfectly Perfect for sponsoring this post!


Sydney Lauren