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Thankful and Blessed

Sydney SneltenComment
Thankful and Blessed

Happy November aka the month of giving and delicious FOOD. Is anyone else in shock that the holiday season is already here again? Has this year just flown by for everyone else too? With that being said, it's also the greatest time of the year! The season of family, feasts and fun. I am all about those ROLLS and pumpkin pie. Who's with me?

In honor of the new month, I am dedicating this blog post to being thankful. There are so many times we go through our days without really taking the time to appreciate what we have been given in this world. I'm bringing you 4 ways you can stay thankful and grateful this holiday season. Check them out below:

" Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."- William Arthur Ward

In the heart of the holiday season, we generally come together to spend time with our families, friends and loved ones. It is often the time we look back and reflect on the the year we've had and the blessings we've received. Among the hustle and bustle of the seasonal festivities, this election is often overlooked. This holiday season, show gratitude to these people, it won't go unnoticed. 


1.  Show gratitude to the people that love you.

Whether its a hug, a card, cookies or just saying "I love you." Make sure those around you know how much you are grateful for their presence and for who they are. 

2. Show gratitude to the people that challenge you.

Thanksgiving dinners can go one of two ways, everyone loves each other or everyone fights over religion and politics am I right? For those who challenge you and your opinions, show your gratitude to them by listening and thanking them for the opportunity you had to look at things from another view point. 

3. Show gratitude to the people that serve you.

The customer service industry during the holiday season can be intense, exhausting and down right hard. Show your appreciation for those who serve you by leaving a little extra tip, always show your patience even when you're in a hurry and offer a genuine compliment or smile. It goes a long way. 

4. Show gratitude to yourself. 

Self love first my dudes. Sometimes it's okay to be selfish, treat yo self every once in awhile, give yourself some time to enjoy your passion you might usually be too busy for and make a list of the ways you've impressed yourself in the past year and goals you have for the future. 

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