Making a Difference with Oliver Bilou

Happy Weekend babes! I am so excited this week is finally over because that means my summer semester is over and I don't have to think about homework for another... WEEK! That might sound anticlimactic, but I have never been more excited to have a break in my life. Today I am talking to you all about my favorite hand bag company perfect for pre fall fashion. If you know me, you know fall is my jam. Fall was made for me. I am literally the fall queen, so naturally everything for fall is my absolute fave.  Pumpkin spice, haunted houses, boots, crunchy leaves and just October in general, its my month guys and I am counting down the days until fall. 

That is why I am so excited about this Oliver Bilou handbag. It is the perfect neutral fall accessory.  Oliver Bilou was generous enough to send me their Taylor bag. My favorite part, there is a little plated message inside unique to every bag on the inside pocket. Mine says, "You are amazing. Remember that." This might seem like the tiniest of details, but it is honestly a good reminder for me on those days I am just not feeling my best self. 

Besides the fact that Oliver Bilou makes gorgeous, unique handbags. They are also socially responsible and are working to make the world a better place. Can I get a hell yeah for that?? You guys know how much I adore companies that are out there for not only the good of fashion, but the greater good for the world. For each bag that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds are donated to selected children's charities. Your purchase of an Oliver Bilou handbag is one step closer to providing help to allow children to live an improved life and enjoy an education. Not only do you get a trendy handbag, you get the fulfillment of enriching children's lives in developing countries by providing schools, meals, and necessities and essentials to those who truly need it. 

I think we can all work and come together to help make this world a better place even if it is just from buying a really cute bag. We all need to work on being a little less selfish, and a little more giving. Everyone out there is amazing and deserves a life that mirrors that. Some might need a little extra help than others, so make it a goal of yours this week to be a helping hand, a listening ear or even just a smile to those who need it. Make a difference babes. 

Best news ever, all the Oliver Bilou handbags are marked down for the summer sale. You can get this darling bag for $66.50. That is amazing considering regular price is $95.00. Run, don't walk because this sale won't last long and you all need to make a difference in this world! 

Special thanks to Oliver Bilou for sponsoring this post. 

Taylor Handbag//  Oliver Bilou

Taylor Handbag// Oliver Bilou

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Strappy Platform Slides// Shein

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Luxe Embroidered Tunic Dress// BB Styled Boutique

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XO,  Sydney Lauren 


Sydney Lauren