Making the Most Out of Your College Experience

I am just weeks out of finishing my second year of college. It’s a bittersweet moment knowing I am more than half way to graduation and finally getting my hands on a diploma. I started thinking about how quickly my life is going by. I started to come to the realization that I am always going 100 mph. I don’t even know what to do with myself when I have free time. I always feel like there is something I should be doing next. It got me thinking that this pre-adult life I am living is not always going to be here. It started to sink in that after college, it is real world. Suddenly, I found myself not wanting it to come so quickly anymore. Sure, the homework is brutal, the nights are long and making time for school, work, friends, the gym and my boyfriend soon won’t be a problem. Soon, I will be worried about a house payment and a water bill and I started to wish time would slow down. So today, I am going to share with you my advice on how to make the most out of your college experience along with some of my favorite wardrobe staples.

  1. Put money into your savings account and get a credit card. 

Here I am pretending to be a financial guru. Don’t get me wrong, I spend way too much money on clothes and I may or may not have an online shopping problem. However, I do make sure to put money into my savings account each time I get paid. I also can’t stress the importance of getting a credit card. You don’t have to have a very high limit and my rule of thumb is, only put on your credit card what you know you have in your checking to back it up. It has been so easy to build up my credit just by paying it off every month. I totally recommend it. Even if you are a poor college student.

2. Take every opportunity that comes at you.

Honestly, a majority of the things that happen in my life happened because I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have found opportunities through social media, networking with random connections I had and even spur of the moment decisions. I live my life in a way that I don’t let any opportunity slip away from me because our lives are defined by those opportunities. Yes, I have failed and been let down time and time again, but the more opportunities you take and the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to make it where you want to be.

3. Go on a spring break trip.

I’m more of a Disneyland kind of gal, but Mexico would be nice too.

4. Move out of the house. 

I did so much growing up after I made the decision to move out and live away from home for school. I learned how to jump start my car, sleep through anything and make my groceries last me a whole month. Still haven’t learned how to make chicken, don’t wife me up yet.

5. Try something new.

I tried a spin class, it was hell, but it was new. I suggest you try anything but that. You can thank me later.

6. Get involved with your major.

Once you know what you want to do with you life, you can start getting involved with the department your major is under. I was never the one with a lot of school spirit or any desire to be involved in any part of my school so this adjustment took me a while to master, but it’s so cool to be involved with people who love the same thing as you do. I get to go to Boston for a week this fall because I took the initiative to get involved no matter how dorky it might seem.

7. Find what you love to do.

I think I have stressed this one enough already, but it is so dang true.

8. Build your resume.

I wasn’t like any of those lucky son of a guns who get to ride through college without having a job. I pay for my car, rent, groceries and all the other living expenses they don’t prepare you for. I have had a job since I was 16 and able to get one, but I would not change anything about that. I have gained experience, credentials and references and always look for things to add to my resume. I promise it will pay off.

9. Actually go to class. 

One time my freshman year, I stopped going to one of my classes in October. The teacher didn’t even know my name and I ended the semester in December with a 96% in the class. That is not me recommending to do that. Don’t get in the habit of that because it’s really hard to bounce back.

10. Work on yourself. 

College is the best time to figure out who you are. Make time for yourself. Time is limited, but finding who you are before you venture into the real world is the most beneficial thing you will ever do.

Stay in school kids.

For the fashion portion of today’s post, I am showing you some of my favorite wardrobe staples. Here are some of my favorite ways to style a graphic tee:

portraits of light

clean commercial photography