Layering for the Seasons with Lola and Jane

I don't know about where y'all are at, but here in Utah our fall season is still going strong and it's a blessed miracle. Most years, there would already be snow on the ground, but we've still got the gorgeous orange leaves and the ones that you can crunch while walking down the sidewalk and  admiring your cute new shoes. Just me? Okay, I might have a shoe problem. 

Okay sorry, I got distracted by the talk of shoes. Winter is well on its way, the forecast shows SNOW next week and I'm absolutely dreading it. I have to drive about 30 miles on the freeway to school and work everyday and driving in the snow is not the business you guys. I seriously get major anxiety just thinking about it. However, the one good thing about the colder temps is all the cute jackets giving me endless layering possibilities.

Layering is one of my many talents, seriously thought about putting it on my resume. Kidding...kind of. Living in Utah, sometimes we see all 4 seasons in one day and I'm stuck in the wear a sweater in the morning, regret it in the afternoon limbo. When it comes to layering, it is so easy to just own a couple staple tops and so many jackets you can interchange with those tops for fun, fresh looks all season long. Today's look is brought to you by Lola and Jane. This is a super special post for me because Lola and Jane is a local company with a storefront in Fashion Place Mall, but you can shop ALL their looks online as well. 

For this look, I've opted for a cozy, yet put together look to outfox the degree drops. I love this look because it will keep me snug whether I'm venturing out, or staying in. I wish you could all feel the teddy bear hood on this camo jacket because it's SOOO soft. I've paired the fun camo (strong believer in utilizing prints as a neutral) with the most versatile, lightweight turtle neck and the shoes that keep distracting me. Hint, GLITTER heels you guys. Check out my look with Lola and Jane below:

Turtleneck//  Lola and Jane

Turtleneck// Lola and Jane


Jeans// Cotton On-- (similar here)

Cross body bag// Marshalls-- (similar here)

Cross body bag// Marshalls--(similar here)

The most MAGICAL shoes//  Lola and Jane

The most MAGICAL shoes// Lola and Jane

Camo Jacket//  Lola and Jane

Camo Jacket// Lola and Jane

Sunglasses//  Special thanks to Lola and Jane for sponsoring this post.   xo,  Sydney Lauren 


Special thanks to Lola and Jane for sponsoring this post. 


Sydney Lauren