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Starting The New Year Strong

Sydney SneltenComment
Starting The New Year Strong

New year, new me ya ya ya, you've all heard the same spiel over and over the past week . Like most, I have been working on some personal progress both in my personal life and professional life. I have recently been on the hunt for new job or internship and trying to refocus my energy and time on things that will better me in both of those aspects. I am starting my last semester of college on Monday, this is my last free weekend of being a student before I jump into my career and the work force. So crazy! There are so many exciting things happening in 2018.

 I have hustled for the past few years to graduate college with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations in 3 years, rather than 4. I have pursued every opportunity that's been thrown at me to build my resume, network and make connections. As most of you might know, I am a go getter and a goal digger. Don't get me wrong, I am giving myself pep talks and trying to hold my shit together before I break down almost every single day. It's not as easy as it looks. I have been without a job for almost a month now and busting my butt to try to land something that works for me. I have had endless amounts of free time and honestly no idea what to do with myself, so I am actually excited for classes to start next week. 

For all those students going back to school this week and next I thought I would take the time to share some tips on how to power through the new semester and start the year off strong.

1. Treat yo self and get a cute new outfit. Dress to impress yourself. When you look good, you feel good. Walk down those halls like it's your freaking runway girl. 

Sad story about this. My little sister is 14 years old and in 8th grade (aka the hardest time in a girl's life) She has recently been experimenting with her style and has begun to stray away from what 'everyone else' is wearing. She bought a pair of bomb ass velvet overalls from Urban Outfitters that are SO cute. She was so afraid to wear them and so afraid of what everyone at school would think about her and say about her. Turns out, girls are still a bunch of beezies and everyone made fun of her and asked her "what are you wearing" all day long. So naturally, me being a girl who does not stick to fashion norms or follow a crowd when it comes to style and trend, I was fired up. I sat her down and told her that you dress for yourself. You dress to make yourself happy and as a representation of who you are. Keep that in mind as you head back to class in your new Christmas clothes, there are no rules in fashion. 

2. Get organized. Buy a cute planner. Set alarms and alerts. Write things on your hand. Make to do lists. 

Whatever it takes. I find myself to be more on top of things, less stressed and anxious and living an easier life when I am organized. I keep a paper planner and it is like the Bible for me. I write everything I need to do, get, see, eat, etc. I would be lost without that thing and will forget unless it's in there. Personally, I can't sleep at night unless everything is in it's place, things are crossed off and responsibilities are done. 

3. Me time is crucial. Buy a candle, drink some wine, take a bath, eat some chocolate, run a mile, whatever floats your boat.

This is one thing I struggled with in 2017. I had such a full plate that I neglected myself. I didn't put clean food in my body, I didn't take the time to read or journal or even exercise regularly. You are honestly the most important part of YOUR life so make sure your routine reflects that. 

4. Make priorities. Set goals. Shoot for the stars. Go after your dreams. 

With the new year, comes new opportunities and new possibilities. Really sit down and reflect on what you want to get done this year in school, in your job, in your relationships and in your personal life. Manifest those dreams and monitor your progress. Check back in every week to see if there are things you could improve on and steps that need to be taken to get where you want to go. 

5. Watch The Greatest Showman as many times as possible and belt all the songs at the top of your lungs. 

If you haven't seen it, you can thank me and Zac Efron later. 

I hope you can channel your inner girl boss this year and start this year off strong in whatever endeavors 2018 brings you.

Also, because this is a new year, it is the perfect time to sign up for Ivory Clasp, a hand bag subscription service sending you 1 designer bag a month for like $50. No better way to start off each month. Check out the bag I got this month and the rest of my outfit details below:

Royal Blue Bebe Purse//  Ivory Clasp

Royal Blue Bebe Purse// Ivory Clasp

Shoes//  Coco McCall Shop      Lips Tee//  Forever 21

Shoes// Coco McCall Shop     Lips Tee// Forever 21

Glasses//  Sunglass Up

Glasses// Sunglass Up

Houndstooth Blazer//  Forever 21

Houndstooth Blazer// Forever 21

Black Jeans//  Pacsun

Black Jeans// Pacsun



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