Girl Power

Happy International Women’s Day you babes! I am so excited that there is an official day dedicated just to women. I am a huge believer that girls run the world. Growing up, I have had the perfect examples of so many strong women in my life. I have looked up to my mom and how she has made a life for herself and been the most wonderful role model to my sisters and me. I have two motivated, inspiring bosses to learn and grow from each and every day. I live with 5 beautiful, diverse girls who make life so fun. Being a woman is something we should celebrate every single day.

Lately in the media, we have been bombarded with issues about women’s rights and equality for women. I am going to be the first to say that I do not agree with these marches, protests or cry baby fit throwing. As a woman in America, I have so many rights and freedoms. I have more freedom within my day than most women in other countries will have in their lives. I can leave my house wearing what I want and showing what I want. I can go to school, read a book and get an education. I can vote for a president and I can date, marry and fraternize with who I want without a fear of being stoned in the middle of town square for everyone to see. The cold hard truth is that we’re privileged. We are privileged to wake up everyday to birds chirping rather than bombs going off and guns being shot. We are privileged enough to get in our cars and drive to our jobs where we are getting paid real money even if it isn’t as much as Bob in Accounting is getting paid. We still get to do these things.

As women, we should celebrate how hard we have fought to get where we are today. We should build each other up, rather than tear others down. We should take pride in ourselves and in our gender. No, we are not equal. We were not made to be equal. Our bodies weren’t made to be trucked and tackled by a 300 pound football player. We were made to carry a life in our own bodies and birth a baby after nine months. We were made to feed what we just kept safe for all those months. Men and women weren’t made equal for a reason and we should sing praises that we have men to kill all the spiders for us. You can say you’re a feminist all you want, but we need men. The truth of the matter, we need men to make our babies. We have to stop fighting for an equal life because truth is that is impossible. Men were made to be men and women were made to be women. We can accomplish amazing things and we can do it in high heels.

So empower those women around you. Celebrate them. Support them. Compliment them. Raise them up. Flaunt your independence and strong willed nature. Fight for those raises and fight for those rights, but stop to think about the blessings we do have in this nation. Wake up with a thankful heart that the future is female. We are accomplishing amazing things in this world and we can only go up from here. As Christian Dior said, ” After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given this earth.” Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. We are the leaders of positive change in this world. Let’s keep teaching that to young girls because without girls, we wouldn’t have Girl Scout cookies.  Let’s teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings because we run the freaking world.

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