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Getting Real with JoJo Rings

Sydney SneltenComment
Getting Real with JoJo Rings

Happy Monday! Does anyone else just love a Monday knowing you have a fresh start to make the week whatever you want it to be? Today on the blog, I am featuring another amazing company called JoJo Rings and I am also getting a little bit personal. I'm talking about comparison. We all know it, we all feel it, but we don't all love it. 

Being so adamant and spending so much time on social media for my job, school, blogging and just a leisurely scroll through my Instagram feed, I feel the effects of comparison creeping up on me almost every day. We live in a world where highlight reels are broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We see who's traveling to a new country, who got a new car, who got a promotion and even what handbag Becky from high school can afford. We have become wrapped up in a world where we don't see the bad days or the split milk so we just assume they must not be there.

Throughout the past year, I have struggled through some anxiety ridden moments in my life where I feel I just can't go out in public because I have a zit or I don't have a new outfit or I feel like I am not good enough, not smart enough, not qualified enough compared to others around me.  I have a fear that I'm not worth anyone's time or a fear of what people will think about me, but this needs to stop. This social anxiety I have created because of comparison can't go on any longer. I won't let it and neither should you. 

I feel like social media is the highlight real of your life, it is what you can control. So you are failing a class, struggling at your job or going through a breakup? Social media is the one thing in your life you feel like you can control. It can feel so easy to create a life and a persona of the person you which to be or the situation you wish to be. There is nothing wrong with social media. I am probably one of its biggest fans, it is about how you choose to respond to what you see and what you feel when you're 5 weeks deep in your ex's best friend's girlfriend's Instagram. It is how you choose to let it affect you. You have the power here, remember that.

I will be the first to admit, what I broadcast  on social media is far more unrealistic than it is in real time. I suffer from anxiety, I break down, I cry, I breakout, I have stressful days and I have good days. It has taken me a very long time to win the comparison games I play back in forth with myself in my head. The only way to do it is to remember that you are the only you there is. If you feel like your abilities aren't being valued or appreciated, find a place where they are. If you feel like you don't fit in where you are at, find a place where you are welcomed with open arms and accepted no matter what. You don't need to play this comparison game because in reality we are all going through the exact same things in this life and it's time we stop sugar coating. It's time we take a change and recognize our struggles and praise them because struggles are what make you real. 

Part of the reason I felt the need to blog about this is because I was inspired with JoJo Rings are their mission for social good and individuality. I have never been more passionate about being yourself and individuality so it's just fitting I incorporate JoJo Rings message. JoJo Rings is a jewelry company crafting jewelry made out of keys. Their tagline "Keys for Change" reflects their commitment to social good and they will contribute a portion of their sales to charity. 

Because of their manufacturing process and recycled materials, no two JoJo Rings or wraps are identical. JoJo Rings are a celebration of individual style. They believe you deserve one of a kind jewelry because you, yourself are one of a kind. 

You tell em sister! I have never loved a company more! Check out my unique rings and outfit details below:


Black T-shirt Dress// Cotton On-- ( similar here  )

Black T-shirt Dress// Cotton On-- (similar here )

Bandana Neck Scarf//  ASOS

Bandana Neck Scarf// ASOS

jojo rings 4.jpg
Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket//  BB Styled Boutique

Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket// BB Styled Boutique

Western Floppy Hat// Forever 21--(similar here)

Western Floppy Hat// Forever 21--(similar here)

Freya Flats//  BB Styled Boutique

Freya Flats// BB Styled Boutique

Special thanks to  JoJo Rings  for sponsoring this post!  XO  Sydney Lauren 

Special thanks to JoJo Rings for sponsoring this post!


Sydney Lauren