Why We Need To Stop Saying Sorry

If you've followed me from the beginning, you know how big I am on being unapologetically yourself. You have heard me drill, it doesn't matter what other people think, never apologize for who you are, blah blah blah. That is kind of my thing. And the reason why it is my thing is because for so long I struggled with my self confidence and with being who I was because of a ridiculous, irrational fear of how other people viewed me. It took a long time for me to get to the point I am now where I don't give a crap if someone thinks my outfit is weird, if someone doesn't like me for my beliefs or if someone talks about me behind my back. Your vibe attracts your tribe and that is all that matters. 

Somewhere along this journey of mine, I had a realization. We spend so much of our lives apologizing. We apologize for the weather not cooperating on our beach vacation, we apologize to the lady at the nail salon about our feet, we apologize to our hair ladies for our hair being greasy. Who the heck washes their hair before getting it done? That's like washing your car before you get a car wash??? I have even found myself apologizing before asking someone for a favor. As women, we have become accustomed to using "I'm sorry" and making apologies a part of our everyday conversations. Why are we apologizing for things that aren't our fault? Why are we apologizing for things out of our control? That's got to change my friends.

Instead of saying "I'm sorry" to your friend that had a bad day, tell them " I wish your day had been better." This all comes full circle in the self esteem circle of life we are all viciously a part of. One of the classic signs of low self esteem is frequent apologies. Apologizing all the time reinforces negative feelings. It leaves you with a pit of discouragement and defeat. That is not what being a woman is about. The less I find myself apologizing for things I can not change, the more positivity I feel in my life and the less stress and weight I feel on my shoulders. 

Your respect level will sky rocket. Apologizing all the time can make you look weak. It makes you look unsure, doubtful and warrants the chance people will not take you seriously. In a world where women don't always get the respect they deserve, we shouldn't be lowering our odds even more. 

Girls run the world, or we're getting there at least.

If you have found yourself apologizing for not being able to make up your mind or because you didn't like the dinner your ordered at a restaurant remember that its okay to be you. It's okay to take a little bit longer to make a decision and it's okay that you would have rather wasted calories on a Taco Bell run than the fancy salmon you've just been served. l certainly am going to stop apologizing for the things that make me who I am and you should too. For the sake of yourself and the rest of the women out there, we need all the confidence we can get so keep being unapologetically you.

Sorry, not sorry. Say it louder for the people in the back.

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Blaire Striped Cross Back Top// Cents of Style- Similar here 

Thanks again Cents of Style!! Make sure to check them out and their cute wall!

XO- Sydney Lauren