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Hi babes,

If you are reading this and have yet to notice a difference, I have recently decided to transition and revamp my blog 42 Wallaby Way from the platform Blogger to WordPress. I have also decided on some other big changes I am really excited about. As many of you who know me personally know, I am going to school to get a degree in Public Relations. I have always had a passion for fashion and style. However, I have no artistic ability to apply my love for fashion directly to a degree in the fashion industry. When I finally decided the direction I wanted to head in my life and in my career, I knew that I wanted to somehow combine my love for fashion with my skills and strengths of writing. That is why I chose the career path of public relations. If you asked my end goal and what my dream job is, I would tell you one day I want to find myself as the PR girl for a major fashion magazine, but we aren’t there yet.

I recently just landed myself a dream job as the social media manager and coordinator for two online clothing boutiques BB Styled and Mommy’s Little Sunshine. There, I manage all of the social media platforms, blogger collaborations and even get to style the photoshoots. This is a huge step in the direction I want to go in my career and I’m so excited for the experience and opportunities that will come with this position. To get to the point, I am revamping my blog 42 Wallaby Way to encompass my love for fashion and writing. Today, there are billions of “fashion bloggers” infiltrating the internet and your Instagram. I always admired the style, publicity and influence those bloggers have, but I never wanted to be just another “fashion blogger”. With 42 Wallaby Way, my goal is to give you fashion ideas, inspiration and tips, but also combine it with content that is worth reading. I am not just going to give you details on my outfits, where I like to shop and the weekend sale alerts because that is not blogging. I am going to give you inspirational content for the boss babe women out there. I am going to give you stories and tips on more than just fashion, but life, love, relationships, school, careers, etc.

I don’t just want to be another fashion blogger who spams your Instagram feed and tells you to follow a link to get the details on my outfit. I won’t give you the link to read a post about an article of clothing. I am not going to be another fashion blogger who wears things and promotes things I wouldn’t wear for myself just based on the sole purpose of receiving a free item to promote. My goal is to be a content influencer. To inspire others to create and curate content and to learn to combine something they love with something they are good at.

Welcome to 42 Wallaby Way and I hope I can create a content spark and ignite inspiration in lovers of life, love and fashion.

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